Ghost & Haunt Tours Merchandise

GATLINBURG, TENNESSEE – (865) – 661-1980

Laser Grid Pen-  $20.00  Use this to send a large grid of laser points down field. If anything crosses that field you will see those laser points being disturbed.

K2 EMF Detector- 59.95  These are the same devices seen on most of the Ghost Hunting TV shows. They allow you to hunt down electrical/magnetic anomalies thought to be associated with paranormal activity.

Mini Pod- 39.95 This is the basic, mini version of our most popular item, the Pod. It performs in the same manner just in a smaller, compact design with no on/off switch, attach a 9 volt battery and its on, remove and its off.

Pod- 99.95 Our most popular Ghost hunting tool. If the top of the pod glows a feint blue, we believe an entity is near you. If it is glowing a bright blue, they are touching the device!. this gives you an opportunity to communicate with yes/no questions. Compare to other pods online at 149.00 and up you will find this is a great value! We do have a few pods that have been used on the tour with our previous antenna design that look and work perfect for only 59.95, ask if any are left!

Laser Temprature Gun- 24.95 Limited number of these left! Take temperature readings around your suspected haunted area to see if there are any “cold spots”

Get An Afterlife T-Shirt- 10.00 Be the first on your block to have one of these great looking and fun shirts. Available in S,M,L XXL.  Small number of the Got Ghosts? T-shirts still available at half price ask about them!